2A collection of modules that provide APIs that are useful across many regex
5While one should explore the sub-modules directly to get a sense of what's
6there, here are some highlights that tie the sub-modules to higher level
7use cases:
9* `alphabet` contains APIs that are useful if you're doing low level things
10with the DFAs in this crate. For example, implementing determinization or
11walking its state graph directly.
12* `captures` contains APIs for dealing with capture group matches and their
13mapping to "slots" used inside an NFA graph. This is also where you can find
14iterators over capture group names.
15* `escape` contains types for pretty-printing raw byte slices as strings.
16* `iter` contains API helpers for writing regex iterators.
17* `lazy` contains a no-std and no-alloc variant of `lazy_static!` and
19* `look` contains APIs for matching and configuring look-around assertions.
20* `pool` provides a way to reuse mutable memory allocated in a thread safe
22* `prefilter` provides APIs for building prefilters and using them in searches.
23* `primitives` are what you might use if you're doing lower level work on
24automata, such as walking an NFA state graph.
25* `syntax` provides some higher level convenience functions for interacting
26with the `regex-syntax` crate.
27* `wire` is useful if you're working with DFA serialization.
30pub mod alphabet;
31#[cfg(feature = "alloc")]
32pub mod captures;
33pub mod escape;
34#[cfg(feature = "alloc")]
35pub mod interpolate;
36pub mod iter;
37pub mod lazy;
38pub mod look;
39#[cfg(feature = "alloc")]
40pub mod pool;
41pub mod prefilter;
42pub mod primitives;
43pub mod start;
44#[cfg(feature = "syntax")]
45pub mod syntax;
46pub mod wire;
48#[cfg(any(feature = "dfa-build", feature = "hybrid"))]
49pub(crate) mod determinize;
50pub(crate) mod empty;
51pub(crate) mod int;
52pub(crate) mod memchr;
53pub(crate) mod search;
54#[cfg(feature = "alloc")]
55pub(crate) mod sparse_set;
56pub(crate) mod unicode_data;
57pub(crate) mod utf8;